Three MYTHS about Wedding Photography

Common Misconceptions That Can Save Your Wedding Album

1. Anyone with an iPhone can take a picture.

This is number one on my list because it’s IMPORTANT. First, let me tell you that I have an iPhone and it takes fantastic photos- for a phone. Have I taken some of my own content with my phone camera? Without a doubt. Would I ever use a camera phone to shoot a wedding? Come on... I know you don’t think that’s a thing.

When you invest in a wedding photographer, you are getting SO MUCH more than someone who can click a button on an iPhone. You’re getting YEARS of that person’s education. You’re getting the SWEAT and TEARS they’ve thrown into building a business. You’re getting the HEART and SOUL they place inside every single image, and the SLEEPLESS nights they’ve sacrificed to make sure each image is nothing short of incredible.

Sure, we’re all cell phone camera users, but you won’t get beautifully crafted images that will fill the giant walls of your home in the highest resolution from an iPhone. It just won’t happen.

2. You should choose a photographer with a style that everyone likes.

Girl, absolutely NOT. There are so many amazing photogs on the planet. Literally, tens of thousands of us. Probably more. We’ve all got different styles, and guess what? They’re all beautiful! My advice is to do your research. Find the style that YOU LOVE, that fits your life, and the one you can envision in your wedding album because they are going to be YOUR photos!

If you love bright, light colors, find a photographer who loves them too! If a deeper dramatic palette is more your style, find a photographer that can do that for you. They are out there!

I’m telling you this because I almost booked the wrong photographer for my own wedding, and I am SO GLAD I changed my mind. I originally booked a photographer based on a recommendation from a friend. Don’t get me wrong, this photographer was good! Their work was very pretty. But it wasn’t my style… I couldn’t place myself and my husband in their photos, and chances are, I wouldn't have been 100% happy with my gallery. I did my research and found the perfect photographers for my day, and looking back, my photos are EXACTLY what I want to showcase in my home.

Don’t choose a photographer that you think will impress your guests. Don’t choose one just because everyone else is using them. Choose one that will represent YOU and the best day of your life exactly the way you envision.

3. As a bride, you should do everything the photographer tells you to do.

WRONG. Okay, this one gets a little tricky, but hear me out. There is a pretty good chance your photographer will know what will look great in a photo, what will not, and all that jazz. We’re literally trained to have eyes for that kind of thing. A lot of the time, we love it when you do a first look, and when you have all the perfect details and florals and setups. But guess what? If we have an idea you’re not geeked out of your mind about, YOU. DON’T. HAVE. TO. DO. IT. Read that again.

Your wedding day is not happening so our Instagram feeds can have all the perfect little details and matching colors and moments WE like. It’s happening because you found your person! Don’t you think your images should reflect that? If you want to do a first look with your husband or father or bridesmaid, DO IT. If you’re more traditional and you want that first moment to be when you’re walking down the aisle, DO THAT INSTEAD. Do you want photos of your entire wedding party getting ready? Okay cool. Do you not? OKAY COOL. Maybe you don’t care about detail photos of the invitations and rings. SO WHAT. Sure, us creatives love that stuff… but it’s not our wedding- it’s yours.

Figure out what photos are most important to YOU. It’s our job as photographers to make sure you remember every detail of your day exactly the way you want to remember it. That’s it, ladies. DO YOU BOO.


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