Ashley & Bo

Ashley and Bo remember how they met a little differently.

They do agree they met for the first time at the St. Patrick’s Day Run in St. Louis. Bo was running the 5k, and Ashley was a pretty-little bystander. After the run, they ended up hanging out at the same bar. She’s pretty sure he showed up just to find her. But if you ask Bo, he’s convinced Ashley made the first move when she grabbed his arm over a game of shuffleboard. She thought he was “HOT,” and he liked the way she laughed at his corny jokes. Either way, they agree they hit it off from the very start! Fast forward a few years. Ashley, Bo, and their kiddos took a trip to Destin, Florida. On the last night, like any couple on vacation would, the two of them took a walk on the beach where Bo asked THE BEST question… you already know.

Based on this blog, you probably can guess what happened next. These two love doves got HITCHED in the middle of November, on a sunny warm day after the coldest week of the year. Their day was MAGIC from start to finish. Here are my Favorite Flashbacks of the daaaayyyy:

1. THE VENUE (insert drooling emoji). Ashley and Bo chose to have both their ceremony and their reception at Wow Furnishings & Event Center in Alton. Let me tell you that you NEED to see this place! AND this bridal suite. I was so obsessed with the insane chandeliers that THE BRIDE asked the manager how I could purchase one! For that, I’m both incredibly grateful and embarrassed.

2. The second I met Bo, he offered me a highball glass and a solid pour from a giant bottle of Jack Daniels Sinatra Select. You probably don’t know my father, but if you did, you’d understand how this offering caught my immediate attention. My dad is partial to both Jack and Frank and would likely be disappointed if I declined. Thanks, Bo!

3. Ashley kept a little secret from me. As I do with all my couples, I sent them a wedding questionnaire a few weeks before go-time. Ashley was SUPPOSED to let me know of any “big picture” moments, but she left one out on purpose (and I’m so glad she did.) After a delicious Fire & Smoke dinner, the reception went straight into dance mode. I photographed the bride and grooms first dance, as well as the bride’s dance with her dad and the groom’s dance with his mom. THEN without any freaking warning at all, they had a first dance with each of their children! YOU GUYS. I legitimately could not focus behind my lens because of the tears. Listen, I’m a crier- and Ashley knew that… but come on! Hook, line, and sinker, Mrs. Westbrook!!

This was the best day! The love Ashley and Bo have for each other is greater than words, and I am so pleased I was a small part of the big moment they got to say “I do." Enjoy some highlights from their wedding below.

Congratulations, Mr. & Mrs. Westbrook!!


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