Allie + Mark | Married!

Allie and Mark met the same way you'd imagine any incredible love story to begin. They were out with separate groups of friends in St. Louis, having fun and doing their own thing when Allie literally tripped and fell into Mark. After a couple minutes of chatting, they exchanged numbers and made plans to hang out. The plan was for Allie to watch Mark play rugby, buuuut she never showed.... oops! It only took a little convincing on Mark's part to get Allie to agree to go on a date after she stood him up. They've been together ever since that first date. I don't know what it was that Allie tripped over that day they met, but my best guess is the very hands of fate itself.

Together, they love to cook, eat and host dinner parties for friends. I have personally seen Allie's work with a charcuterie board, and believe me when I say, you WANT to be invited to these dinner parties! They also love to travel together which made Mark's proposal perfect. The couple traveled to their favorite spot in Chicago, The City Winery. Mark proposed right on the river, and even planned for Allie's best friend, (and later, Matron of Honor) Lexi, to take pictures of the proposal AND decorate their hotel room. Way.To.Go.Mark!!

Their wedding was supposed to be THE event of the year. They planned to get married at a beautiful venue in St. Louis, drink champagne, and dance the night away with almost 200 of their closest friends and family. Allie planned their day to a TEE. In fact, she planned it 3 times after a few crazy circumstances changed their original plans. It was going to be huge. That was until the COVID-19 pandemic swept the entire planet. Government regulations could keep Allie and Mark from gathering with their loved ones. It could keep them from having everything they planned for their big day. It could even keep them from their honeymoon trip. But it could not keep them from saying their vows and becoming husband and wife! In the very last hour, Allie set up the most beautiful and intimate ceremony in the living room of their home, self-built ivy wall included. Their parents and siblings were the only in-person guests, while many others watched by a live video stream.

It wasn't what they planned, but it was just as precious and perfect as any "normal" ceremony. The only thing that really mattered was their love to each other, and that, my friends, is what a wedding is all about. The moment was beautiful, and one that I will never forget.

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