My name is Kayla Hewitt, and I am SUPER PUMPED you are here!

I 'm a Photographer based in the St. Louis Area and LOTS of other things. A dog momma and a wife, a bread enthusiast, a travel junkie, a St. Louis Sports fan, a coffee addict, a wine drinker​, and a lover of all things fun.

There's not much I love more than brunch, sunshine, and beach vacations with my hubs, and there's not much I love less than waking up early- which is b.a.n.a.n.a.s because I am generally up by 5:15 am. In my free time, I am a clay-mask-wearing, Netflix-watching, self-help-book-reading, sweets-eater.


90 percent of the time, you'll find my in blue jeans and a t-shirt with sunglasses on top of my head because they hold back all my crazy hair. I am originally from the Fairview Heights/Belleville, IL area, but I basically go anywhere the sun shines. I figured out what I wanted to be when I grew up at age 27, and I've been hustling this photog biz ever since. 


I'm inspired most by couples in love, and the moments that set your souls on fire. At KHPC, there are no big company rules, and no awkward prom poses. It's just you doing you, and me capturing every moment. Let's have some FUN okay?!

What is UP?!